2. Planning Requirements and Process

The intent of this page is to provide generalized information. Following a pre-application meeting Planning Division staff will send you a detailed email tailored with specific information to guide your project. The email will cover:

1. Steps in land use review process
2. Anticipated/Potential Land Use Applications required for your project
3. Submittal requirements
4. Applicable Development Code Sections
5. Other Specific Concerns/Discussion Items for your Project

Submittal guidance for simple applications including sign permits and tree removal permits not associated with other requests can be found on dedicated pages on our website as follows or obtained by emailing Planning staff at planning@ci.wilsonville.or.us :


How long does planning or land use review take?

For most land use applications, the City is required by state law to make a final decision on a “Complete Application” within 120 days. For conservative project scheduling 120 days is a safe number to include for the time it take to process a "Complete Application." Most complete applications are typically processed in much less than 120 days as the Planning Division strives to process all applications in as timely a manner as possible. The typical review timeframes for different application types is provided below:

Typical Duration of Review of “Complete Application”:

Class I Administrative Review (no public notice): 1 week or less
Class II Administrative Review (public notice): 30-45 days
Development Review Board Review: 60-90 days
City Council Review: 120 days

These timeframes are not guaranteed. Also, note if a project involves a change to the Comprehensive Plan the state 120 day rule does not apply, and the timeframe may exceed 120 days to process.

The time for an application to be “complete” varies widely from a couple days to months dependent on quality and content of the initial submission and subsequent response from the applicant. Click here for information on "Completeness Review" and how it may affect your project.

A couple application types have additional review timeframe requirements based on federal, state, or local rules and regulations:

Class I Administrative Review: 30 days
Expedited land divisions: 63 days
Wireless Communication Facilities: various, inquire with Planning Staff.

What are the fees and when are they paid?

The following link provides complete list of planning fees. All planning fees are due upon submission of an application. 

What are the different planning review types and what qualifies for each?

The following review type descriptions provide basic information on what types of applications qualify for different review types. A complete list of application processed through the different review processes is provided in the Development Code subsections referenced below. The review process will be confirmed at or as part of the follow up to a pre-application meeting. For simple applications not requiring a pre-application meeting, the process can be confirmed by contacting a planner via email at planning@ci.wilsonville.or.us or via phone at 503-682-4960.

Class I Administrative Review (staff decision with no public notice)

Basic actions with little to no discretion. Includes approving signs, construction plans, plats, etc. consistent with past City approvals, and simple tree removals. Most additions and changes to single-family homes are also reviewed through this process. For a complete list see Wilsonville Code Subsection 4.030 (A.)

Class II Administrative Review (staff decision with public notice)

Minor changes to approved buildings (other than single-family home) and sites limited to the following:

  • Not adding more than 25% of the previous floor area
  • Not adding more than 1,250 square feet of building area
  • Not adding or removing more than 10 parking spaces

Also includes partition plats, sign request not conforming to previous sign approvals, and more significant tree removals, among other items. For a complete list of applications processed using Class II Administrative Review see Wilsonville Code Subsection 4.030 (B.). More information on triggers for different types of review for signs and trees can be found on dedicated web pages referenced above.

Development Review Board Review

Many types of applications are reviewed by the Development Review Board, a 5-member panel appointed by the City Council. Most applications for new development and significant changes to existing or previously approved development will go to the Development Review Board.  A number of types of stand-alone sign applications also go to the Development Review Board as can be found in the City’s dedicated sign page. Appeals of Planning Staff decision are heard by the Development Review Board. Where a development requires multiple applications or plans be reviewed by the Development Review Board they are reviewed concurrently. A complete list of reviews under the authority of the Development Review Board can be found in Section 4.031 of Wilsonville Code.

City Council Review

Zone Map Amendments, Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments, Annexation, Street Vacations, etc. Appeals and call ups from the Development Review Board. A complete list of reviews under authority of the City Council can be found in Section 4.033 of Wilsonville Code.