East Side District

The Year 2000 Plan Area, commonly referred to as the East Side District, is primarily located on the east side of I-5, but does include Old Town (on the west side of I-5) south of Wilsonville Road and east of Boones Ferry Road.

Since its inception, the East Side District has seen assessed property valuation increase by $300 million, and over 3,000 jobs added. Prior to the plan adoption in 1992, the area was largely undeveloped. Transportation, infrastructure, and parks improvements provided much needed investment in the area to make it attractive for private development.

As a result, the area is now a thriving retail and employment center. Since 2004, 225 acres of developed property has been removed from the district and returned to the tax rolls. This included the Mentor Graphics and Sysco Food System developments. The removal of these taxable properties resulted in the return of $60 million in assessed value to the tax rolls and $960,000 of tax revenue received by the various taxing districts.