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1. What is the Wilsonville Transit District Tax?
2. What is the Transit Tax rate?
3. What is the City of Wilsonville transit system tax boundary?
4. What is the difference between Wilsonville Transit District Payroll Excise Tax and Wilsonville Transit District Self-Employment Tax?
5. How do we determine self-employment income?
6. Who must file and pay transit tax?
7. Are 401k plans included in the Wilsonville transit district payroll?
8. Are Section 125 cafeteria plans subject to the Wilsonville transit tax?
9. How are the transit taxes determined on truck drivers, salespeople, and construction?
10. Are real estate salespeople subject to Wilsonville transit tax?
11. Are wages paid to church employees subject to Wilsonville transit tax?
12. Are insurance agents exempt from Wilsonville transit tax?
13. Are nonprofit organizations subject to transit taxes?
14. Apportionment of Tax
15. Is there a minimum payment?
16. What are the penalties and interest?
17. Who do I call for questions?