Does the City really need more residential land?
Yes. The City’s Housing Needs Analysis (a comprehensive analysis and projection over the next twenty years, which the City’s Planning Commission and City Council reviewed and adopted in 2014) independently validates the need for inclusion of the Frog Pond West neighborhood to meet state-required supply for residential land. For some years, Wilsonville had more jobs than residents. While in recent years the number of jobs has leveled while the population has continued to grow (in 2012, there were nearly 18,000 jobs, and 20,515 residents), the future development of the Coffee Creek and Basalt Creek industrial areas will likely exacerbate the need for housing. The community’s largest residential growth area, the 500-acre Villebois Village, is forecasted to build out within the next 5-8 years. After which, approximately 125 acres of buildable residential land will remain within the City limits.

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1. Why is the Frog Pond Area being Planned?
2. Will there be apartments or high-density residential?
3. I like large lots (9,000 square feet and larger) - will those be included?
4. Does the City really need more residential land?
5. Will the plan include homes for first-time homebuyers?
6. Is the City asking Metro to bring the Urban Reserve Areas into the Urban Growth Boundary at this time?
7. When will development start, and where?
8. When could development of the Urban Reserve Areas happen?
9. What is the vision for the area?
10. What additional land uses will there be, other than residential?
11. I’m concerned about traffic – what about that?
12. How will infrastructure be paid for?
13. How can I get involved and stay involved?