Why is the Frog Pond Area being Planned?
1. The City has anticipated the addition of the Frog Pond West area as a new Wilsonville neighborhood for decades. Wilsonville’s earliest land plan (circa 1971) identifies Frog Pond West as ultimately being a part of the city. The current Comprehensive Plan states: “Eventual redevelopment of the area is expected to be primarily residential…In view of the School District’s plans to construct a school within the neighborhood; the City must prepare plans to serve the new school and the surrounding area.”

2. Much of the planning area is inside the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), the inclusion of which carries an expectation it will be planned. About 220 acres out of the 500-acre total planning area are inside the UGB. The UGB contains the City’s urban land supply – those lands intended for new homes, parks, schools and other needs of a growing city. The two areas within the UGB are:

• “Frog Pond West” - In 2002, Metro Council added the 181-acre area (west of Stafford Road and north of Boeckman Road) to the UGB. The City is responsible for completing a concept plan for that area by the end of 2015.

• The School-Park property - In 2013, 40 acres of land south of Advance Road and west of 60th Avenue were added to the UGB. A new middle school, a future primary school, and a 10-acre park with sports fields are planned for this area. It is not known at this time when the City will have funding available for design and construction of this park.

3. The land adjacent to the UGB (about 280 acres) is designated Urban Reserve. Rather than conduct a separate concept plan for that area, it makes sense to prepare a single concept plan for the larger, combined area. Urban Reserve lands are those that will someday be considered for inclusion in the UGB as part of Wilsonville, and a concept plan is needed to provide the necessary information and analysis for such a consideration. But most importantly, advance planning – before it is even considered for addition to the UGB – will help knit the area into a cohesive community down the road. It also avoids the inefficiencies of trying to implement needed infrastructure in a fragmented fashion.

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1. Why is the Frog Pond Area being Planned?
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