Citywide Signage and Wayfinding Plan

Project Background

 A thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing Sign Design and Wayfinding Signage Plan can be an important part of a community’s identity and a valuable addition to a city’s landscape. 

This Project was initiated through a City Council Goal for FY 18‐19, which stated that development of a wayfinding and signage plan supports the Council Goal to promote community design and livability.

The City of Wilsonville recognizes the importance of wayfinding for all modes of transportation and desires a Plan that will address the needs of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians while enhancing the visitor experience through strategically placed and well-designed wayfinding signage. The goal of the Wayfinding Signage Plan is to develop a family friendly wayfinding system that provides logical and safe connections between key destinations and commercial districts. Installation of unified wayfinding signage, informational kiosks, and enhanced gateways will strengthen the sense of place, increase foot traffic to businesses and offer a more enjoyable visitor experience.


June 26, 2018 – Open House from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, at Wilsonville City Hall, 29799 SW Town Center Loop E, Wilsonville, Willamette River Conference Rooms 2nd Floor
At the June 26 open house, attendees will listen to a brief presentation about wayfinding and view three different wayfinding design concepts and provide feedback about preferences. For those unable to attend the meeting, an online survey will go live later in the week of June 26 to gather design feedback from the larger community. Follow the City’s Facebook page ( or check the Sign Design and Wayfinding Signage Plan page on the City’s website where a link to the survey will be posted the week of June 26.

April 18, 2018 – Signage and Wayfinding Focus Group Meeting from 6-8 pm, at Wilsonville City Hall, 29799 SW Town Center Loop E, Wilsonville

Project Term:

The City seeks to develop the Sign Design and Wayfinding Signage Program within an eight to ten (10) month period.

Project Phase I Consists of:
Task 1.1 Project Management and Quality Control
Task 1.2 Wayfinding Signage Strategy
1.2.1 Background Review and Inventory
1.2.2 Wayfinding Framework
1.2.3 Public Engagement Plan
1.2.4 Project Kick-off, Field Review and Needs Assessment
1.2.5 Wayfinding Signage System
1.2.6 Route Prioritization for Wayfinding
1.2.7 Wayfinding Sign Placement Map and Phasing Map
Task 1.3 Sign Design and Specifications
1.3.1 Design Brief
1.3.2 Schematic Design Concepts
1.3.3 Preferred Design
1.3.4 Sign Design and Wayfinding Signage Plan
1.3.5 Design Intent Package

Project Phase 2 Consists of:
Task 2.1 Wayfinding Sign Demonstration Project
2.1.1 Submittal, Review and Implementation Oversight

If you have any questions or comments please contact Chris Neamtzu, Planning Director, at or 503.682.4960.