More Information about Fiber

The City of Wilsonville (City) is exploring the possibility of leveraging the City’s existing fiber optic assets for economic development purposes, and to potentially develop fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) for a range of users. As the City evaluates the feasibility of leveraging existing assets and potentially expanding the existing fiber optics network to support an FTTP deployment in conjunction with a private partner, the City seeks to understand how our residents, businesses, and Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) use connectivity services.

Municipal fiber initiatives, such as this, are as unique as the locality that plans, builds, and operates the networks. The success or failure of one jurisdiction’s endeavor may not reflect the outcome of a different city’s pursuit, even when the cities are very similar. One city may find that FTTP makes sense, while another may decide to build a network that connects local businesses or only connect its own facilities. Given these differences the City to needs to evaluate local needs through the lens of what is best for Wilsonville.

The City may opt to leverage or expand the City’s existing assets based on a combination of potential quantitative and qualitative benefits to the community. That is, if the City chooses to prioritize FTTP through a public–private partnership to enhance the quality of life in our community, the City’s metric for success may be tied to intangible benefits. Being able to focus on more than a quantifiable balance sheet may help the City to concentrate on broad, long-term goals to enhance the availability and affordability of connectivity in Wilsonville.

The City aims to incorporate the community’s needs and desires into this planning process, and the online survey is one step in that process. While the City recognizes that the survey will not capture a truly representative sample of a random selection of the population, the survey is one of many tools the City aims to use to gather insight and data to examine the feasibility of expanding current network.