Ash Park 12-Lot Single Family Subdivision

Ash Park Site Pic for Web
Twelve (12) lot single-family subdivision at 8195 SW Maxine Lane

Staff Contacts

Staff can be reached via telephone at 503-682-4960


8195 SW Maxine Lane

Public Hearing Date:    

July 11, 2016     Public Hearing Notice

Project Information

  • Property Owners:   JT Roth Construction

Project Status

  • Construction Status:  Home construction underway


On July 11, 2016, the Development Review Board Panel A approved this application.
Documents submitted for the DRB Hearing: Additional exhibits entered into the record at the DRB Hearing:
  • Exhibit A3  Memo dated July 11, 2016 re:  Condition of Approval PDE 6.
  • Exhibit C3  E-mail correspondence from Nancy Kraushaar, dated July 11, 2016.