Information Technology Strategic Plan

The City of Wilsonville is in the initial stages of developing an IT Strategic Plan to guide the City’s technology projects and investments over the next five years. The goal of the plan is to identify both online strategies and other technology solutions that allow the City to better meet community needs, improve service delivery and enhance information sharing.

The first stage of this project is to gather information and ideas from the community in order to better understand needs and identify potential strategies to be included in the plan. While not set, these strategies could possibly include initiatives such as adding WiFi to the parks or SMART buses, improving online payment systems, and enhancing the City’s social media presence to allow for more engagement with City Council and Boards & Commission members. The City will be gathering suggestions from community members, staff and other stakeholders during the process.

To gather this input the City is conducting an online survey Jan. 1 – 31 that asks a variety of questions intended to solicit the community’s IT service ideas, priorities and existing gaps as well as gauging community member comfort in utilizing different forms of technology to communicate with local government.

In addition to the survey, the City is also conducting a Information Technology Virtual Open House, Jan. 19 – 29. The virtual open house will be a completely online event providing a number of examples of innovative technology solutions and ideas to engage the public in a conversation around what is possible and how other communities are using technology to meet community needs.  

Once developed, the plan will be presented to the City Council for input and adoption this spring.