Well Upgrades

Well Upgrades 3-15
The City owns and maintains eight (8) potable groundwater wells that once supplied the City's drinking water.  The City's 2012 Water Master Plan determined that six (6) of these wells should be maintained as backup water supply for emergency situations.

This project addresses needed upgrades and repairs to correct deficiencies in the well "downhole" structures, surface control and piping facilities, and telemetry communication systems so that the wells remain operationally connected to the distribution system and can be brought online quickly, if needed.
Staff Contacts
Staff can be reached via telephone at 503-682-4960
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Project Information
  • Design Engineer:  Keller Associates
  • Contractor:   TBD
  • Funding Source: Water Operating Funds
  • Capital Improvement Project #:  1083, 1114,1128 
Project Status
  • Gesellschaft well hole rehabilitation was successfully completed in November 2014.
  • Preliminary design of Gesellschaft well site facilities is currently underway.
  • Construction of Gesellschaft well site facilities is anticipated to begin in November 2016, with completion expected Spring 2017.
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