About the Project

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About the Project

The City of Wilsonville is leading a process to plan for the future of the 500-acre Frog Pond area. This process will establish a vision for the area, and define expectations for the type of community it will be in the future.

What will define this area’s livability? 

 It may be: walkable neighborhoods, quality homes and streets, beautiful parks and open space, proximity to local jobs within an easy bike or bus ride, great schools close by, and a sense of history and rural character. These qualities, and more to be defined in the planning process, will shape what this area becomes.

The Frog Pond Plan, to be completed by May 2015, will take a high-level look at the whole study area. It will be the official vision for the future development of the area. Then, the project team will immediately get to work on refining the plan for the area west of Stafford Road (the area already included in the Urban Growth Boundary), answering any outstanding questions needed to implement the Plan. 

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Online Survey Results
Thank you to the almost 180 participants who went online to provide additional comment on the draft Concept Plan recommendations.  The results of the April 2015 Frog Pond Area Plan Online Survey have been compiled and are now available on the Maps and Documents page.
Open House
Thank you to the over 70 community members who participated in the Open House on April 2nd!  We greatly appreciate your participation and input.  

Phase 1: Frog Pond Area Plan.  As illustrated in the Project Schedule Diagram, the Plan will be created by May 2015. 

Phase 2: Following completion of the Plan, the project team will get to work refining the plan for the area within the UGB (west of Stafford Rd.) and developing implementation tools, such as zoning, needed to implement the Plan.  This phase will be complete by May 2016.

Phase 3: Implementation of the Plan will largely be the work of property owners and the private sector.

Who is Involved?

Frog Pond Planning Task Force

The Task Force is an advisory committee of diverse representatives, assembled to provide advice and feedback on key issues. The Task Force will not make decisions, but rather will advise staff on how to shape the project and prepare recommendations for consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council. To ensure a broad range of voices influence key policy choices, people with specific interests and expertise have been recruited to join the Task Force in the following categories:

  • Four to six property owners, including representatives of each sub-area
  • Four to six Wilsonville residents, including some who also work in Wilsonville
  • One to two rural area property owners or residents
  • Three Planning Commissioners
  • One to two City Councilors


We want to create a plan that is implementable and has community support. We encourage you to become involved and part of the decision-making process. There will be a variety of public involvement opportunities available to the community, including open houses. You can follow along or participate by

Planning Commission

The role of the Planning Commission will be to consider input gathered through community engagement, and make recommendations to the City Council. For more about the Wilsonville Planning Commission, click here. 

City Council

The City Council will receive regular briefings on project progress, and review and discuss issues at key milestones. Staff will provide update briefings to the Council throughout the project. The City Council, as the policy leader and decision-making body, will be asked to provide policy direction and vet alternatives throughout the Project. For more about the Wilsonville City Council, click here

City of Wilsonville team

As a priority project, the City has assigned a team of planners and engineers to the Frog Pond Plan. The project is being managed by the City’s Community Development Department, but many departments will contribute to its success. The City team is supported by an experienced team of planners, engineers, and designers, led by Angelo Planning Group.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The TAC is an advisory committee comprised of staff from affected jurisdictions, agencies, service providers and districts, charged with providing ongoing input and guidance to staff about technical aspects of the planning process. The TAC will include members from the following organizations: West Linn / Wilsonville School District, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, Metro, ODOT, Clackamas County, Bonneville Power Administration.

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