Existing Developments Without a Master Sign Plan

If a sign request doesn't conform to a Master Sign Plan or other previous sign approval, one of the following application types applies.

Class I Minor Adjustments

If the sign request can be accommodated by a 10% or less change to the sign height or length identified in a Master Sign Plan or other sign approval, it may be accommodated through a minor adjustment. Reasons for granting a minor adjustment include:
  • Descenders of lowercase letters, like "y"
  • Stylized fonts extending beyond the cap height of letters
  • Non-straight baselines
  • Text being included in logos
A minor adjustment can also be requested for minor changes to the lateral placement of building signs

 For more information on Minor Adjustments and to confirm whether or sign request is eligible, see Wilsonville Code Subsection 4.156.02 (.04) C. Minor Adjustments can be approved as part of a Class I Sign Permit. There is an additional fee of $95.

Class II Sign Permit

If the sign request doesn't conform to a Master Sign Plan or other previous sign approval, but conforms to the current Sign Regulations in the PDC, PDI, and PF Zones, it can often be approved through a Class II Sign Permit (City staff review with notice to surrounding property owners).

In addition to meeting current Sign Regulations, non-conformity with Master Sign Plans can only be approved through a Class II Sign Permit if all the following are met:
  • Special conditions or circumstances that make it difficult to comply with the established Master Sign Plan.
  • Compatibility is maintained with other signs in the Master Sign Plan in terms of locations, placement on buildings, proportionality to building facades, architectural design, and materials used.
  • Involves signs for a single tenant, a single multi-tenant freestanding sign, or a series of similar related multi-tenant freestanding signs in the same development.
If there is no previous sign approval the sign request can be approved through a Class II Sign Permit only if all of the following are met in addition to meeting all current sign regulations:
  • Signs are not specifically disallowed in a previous land use approval (this is rare).
  • The requested signs for a residential development or non-residential development with less than three tenants.
New freestanding signs greater than eight feet tall at new locations are not eligible to be reviewed through a Class II Sign Permit.
The following items are required to submit for a Class II Sign Permit. Please submit 2 paper copies and 1 electronic copy of the application form, drawings, and other supporting information:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Required Application Fee:  $540
  • Sign drawings showing all materials, the sign area, and dimensions used to calculate sign areas, and other details sufficient to judge the full scale of the associated sign or signs and related improvements.
  • Drawings or photos showing proposed sign placement on buildings, if applicable.
  • Documentation of the lengths of building or tenant space facades used in calculating maximum allowed sign area.
  • Information showing how the proposed sign or signs conform with all applicable code requirements, Master Sign Plans, or other previous sign approvals for the property.
  • Updated tables, drawings, etc. from Master Sign Plans showing requested changes, as applicable.
  • Narrative describing the scope of the project, including written findings addressing all applicable review criteria, along with any other information showing how the proposed signage conforms with requirements for the applicable zone.
Note: Due to noticing requirements, Class II Sign Permits typically take 30 to 45 days from complete submission of the application to finalizing the planning approval.

Class III Sign Permit & Master Sign Plan Revisions

If the request doesn't meet current Sign Code, or otherwise doesn't qualify for a Class I or Class II Sign Permit, the request is reviewed by the City’s Development Review Board the same as new development. More information is available on the Signs for New Buildings and Development page.

For more information about submitting a Sign Permit application along with a building and electrical permits, return to Signs.


The information on this page intended to summarize the City’s sign regulations. Wilsonville’s Sign Regulations can be found in Sections 4.156.01 through 4.156.11 of the Wilsonville Code. The completeness of and review any application for a Sign Permit will be based on Sections 4.156.01 through 4.156.11 of the   Wilsonville Code, and any other relevant sections of Wilsonville’s Code