6. Final Inspections & Approvals

Before a structure can be occupied, the Building Division has to issue a Certificate of Occupancy. You will receive a blue card from the Building Inspector. Each City department will need to sign off for completion of a Temporary or Final Certificate of Occupancy. Meet with the Building Inspector for details. Before the Certificate of Occupancy can be issued, each of the following City Divisions have to verify that all of the conditions of the project have been met:
  • Planning Division (design review, landscaping, architecture, signs, etc.)
  • Engineering Division (public utilities, streets, sidewalks, etc.)
  • Building Division (fire / life / safety, building inspections, plumbing, mechanical, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), etc.)
  • Environmental Services (industrial pre-treatment permits for sanitary sewer discharges, erosion control enforcement)
  • Public Works (streets, water, property maintenance, fleet)
  • Parks and Recreation (public and private park review)
  • Business License issuance to the occupying business(es). Please call the Finance Department at 503 682-1011 for a Business License application.
  • South Metro Area Regional Transit (SMART)
After a permit has been issued and construction is underway, the contractor and the developer are encouraged to set aside at least one or two meeting dates with City inspection staff to discuss the project occupancy schedule and expectations and special conditions associated with the project. It is in everyone’s interest to make sure that the lines of communication between the City and contractor or developer stay open until the project is completed.

Contractors / developers are encouraged to contact members of the community development staff at any point when they have questions or concerns about their projects.

Once the final inspections have been made and all the City Divisions have signed off on the final approval, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by the Building Division and the project is then considered complete.

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