An ordinance is an enforceable municipal law, statute or regulation which applies to all citizens within Wilsonville and which may contain penalty provisions.  The City of Wilsonville adopts ordinances from time to time, and as new ordinances are adopted by the City Council, they are added online.  

Index of Ordinances

The Index of Ordinances provides a brief description of the ordinance and/or its status is available in this index. The index is in numerical order, by ordinance number, and lists ordinances adopted by the City since its incorporation. 

List of Ordinances 1-100

Ordinances 101 - 200

Ordinances 201 - 300

Ordinances 301 - 400

Ordinances 401 - 500

Ordinances 501 - 600

Ordinances 600 - 700

Ordinances 701 - 800