Development Code

The Planning & Land Development Ordinance

The Wilsonville Planning and Land Development Ordinance (below), also known as the Development Code or Zoning Code, is Chapter 4 of the Wilsonville Code. It is enacted for the purpose of promoting the general public welfare by ensuring procedural due process in the administration and enforcement of the City's Comprehensive Plan, Zoning, Design Review, Land Division, and Development Standards.

Zoning Map

For details on zoning classifications on the Zoning Map, see the Zoning sections (4.100 to 4.141) of the Planning and Land Use Development Ordinance.

Overlay Zones, to be used in combination with the underlying base zones, are illustrated in the following maps:

The Zoning Map and overlay maps are subject to change pursuant to actions by the City Council. Information on these maps is a representation of the Official Zone Map of the City of Wilsonville. The boundaries shown should not be relied upon for anything other than general location. Please refer to the Official Zone Map at the Wilsonville City Hall, 29799 Southwest Town Center Loop E, or call the Planning Division at 503-682-4960.

Zoning Information can also be found on the Wilsonville Maps webpage.

The January 2015 Development Code includes all amending ordinances through December 31, 2014.  As there was only one amending ordinance in 2014: Section 4.022(.03) City Council Call-up, only the front cover, the table of amending ordinances and Page A-44 were changed and have the 2015 date.  

The Wilsonville Planning and Land Development Ordinance (Wilsonville's Development Code) has been broken into several sections due to its size.
Frequently Accessed Code Sections:

Definition of Terms Code Section Format
Definition of Terms 4.001 Word PDF
Planned Development Standards and Regulations for all Planned Development (PD) Zones
Standards applying to all Planned Development (PD) Zones 4.118 Word PDF
Planned Development Regulations 4.140 Word PDF
Use and Zone Specific Standards and Regulations
Residential Development Standards and Residential Zones
Residential Development Standards in All Zones 4.113 Word PDF
Planned Development Residential (PDR) Zones 4.124 thru 4.124.7 Word PDF
Residential Neighborhood (RN) Zone (Frog Pond)
Frog Pond West Master Plan (Selections for Quick Reference)
4.127 Word PDF
Village (V) Zone (Villebois) 4.125 Word PDF
Residential Agriculture-Holding
(RA-H) Zone
4.120 Word PDF
Residential (R) Zone 4.122 Word PDF
Commercial Development Standards and Commercial Zoning
Commercial Development Standards in All Zones 4.116 Word PDF
Planned Development Commercial (PDC) Zones 4.131
Word PDF
Industrial Development Standards and Industrial Zoning
Planned Development Industrial (PDI) Zones and Industrial Standards 4.117
Word PDF
Public Facility Standards and Zoning
Public Facility Zones 4.136,
 Word PDF
Mixed Use Development, Uses in Other Than Typical Zone  
For Commercial Uses in the Village Zone (Villebois) see Village Zone under Residential
For other mixed use development or uses in other than their typical zone (i.e. residential in PDC zone or commercial in PDI zone) see both the standards for the type of development in all zones as well as the standards for the zone
Overlay Zones and Area Specific Regulations, including Design, Natural Resources, Interchange Area Traffic Management
Wilsonville Road Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP) 4.133.00 thru 4.133.06 Word PDF
Coffee Creek Industrial Design Overlay District
Coffee Creek Industrial Design Overlay District Pattern Book
4.134 Word PDF
Old Town Overlay Zone
Wilsonville Old Town Single-Family Design Standards Book
4.138 Word PDF
Significant Resource Overlay Zone (SROZ) 4.139.00 thru 4.139.11 Word PDF
Willamette River Greenway 4.500 thru 4.515 Word PDF
General Development Regulations and Standards
On-Site Pedestrian Access and Circulation 4.154 Word PDF
Parking, Loading, and Bicycle Parking 4.155 Word PDF
Street Improvement Standards  4.177 Word PDF
Landscaping, Screening, and Buffering 4.176 Word PDF
Mixed Solid Waste and Recycling 4.179 Word PDF
Outdoor Lighting 4.199 thru 4.199.60 Word PDF
Underground Utilities 4.300 thru 4.320 Word PDF
Protection of Natural Features and Other Resources 4.171 Word PDF
Public Safety and Crime Prevention 4.175 Word PDF
Livestock and Farm Animals 4.162 Word PDF
Flood Plain Regulations 4.172 Word PDF
Other General Regulations (including uses not listed, unsafe buildings, access, ingress and egress) 4.164 thru 4.169 Word PDF
Non-Conforming Uses, Structures, Site Conditions, and Lots 4.189 thru 4.192 Word PDF
Exceptions and Modifications (Projections into Required Yards, Height Limits, and Setback Modifications 4.180 thru 4.182 Word PDF
Waivers to Typical Development Standards
Waivers to Development Standards Subsections 4.118(.03) and 4.140(.01) Word PDF
Site Design Review (Detailed Review of Architecture, Landscaping, Signs and other Design Elements
Site Design Review 4.400 thru 4.450 Word PDF
Land Divisions
Land Divisions 4.200 thru 4.290 Word PDF
Signs 4.156.01 thru 4.156.11 Word PDF
Tree Removal
Tree Preservation and Protection 4.600 thru 4.640.20 Word PDF
Zone Changes and Comprehensive Plan Changes
Zone Changes 4.197 Word PDF
Comprehensive Plan Changes 4.198 Word PDF
Annexation and UGB Amendments
Annexation and Urban Growth Boundary Amendments 4.700 Word PDF
Temporary Uses
Temporary Uses  4.163 Word PDF
Conditional Use Permits
Conditional Use Permits 4.184 Word PDF
Variances 4.196 Word PDF
Wireless Communication Facilities
Wireless Communication Facilities 4.800 thru 4,814 Word PDF