Reading Your Citation

 It is important to read the information on your citation. The citation issued provides you with the following information:
  • Citation number
  • Data and time of citation and location
  • Violations for which you were cited
  • Issuing officer
  • Option to contest a ticket
  • Date, time, and place by which you are directed to appear
To get an idea of what a citation looks like, view the example of a citation.

Contesting a Citation

To contest a ticket, select option number three on the back of your original citation and return it in person or via mail to the Wilsonville Municipal Court. The ticket must be received prior to your court date.

Appealing a Conviction

When someone is found guilty of a traffic offense in the Wilsonville Municipal Court, they have a right to file an appeal with Clackamas County Circuit Court. Click for more information

Citation Assistance

Court clerks are authorized to provide information regarding the procedures used by the court. However, clerks are prohibited from giving legal advice or to assist in the completion of any forms.

Lost Citations

Please contact the court office at 503-570-1587 if you have lost your ticket.

Additional Information

You do have the right to be represented by an attorney at your own expense. If you retain an attorney, you are required to notify the court clerk to arrange for the city’s attorney to prosecute and present its side of the case.