Utility Service Requests

Leak/Broken Line/Discolored Water

For meter leaks, broken water lines, or discolored water please call Public Works at 503-682-4092 or call the 24-hour emergency number at 866-252-3614. You may also use the Citizen Request Form.

Start Service

A Utility Service Agreement Form is required to apply for utility service at your new address. Applications can be filled out at the Utility Billing Department located on the second floor of City Hall. You may also download the form and mail or fax it to our office. Please select the form from the list below.

Utility Start Service Agreement Forms

Stop Service

Use this Stop Service Form to close your utility account. The water meter will be read within two business days of your requested stop date or receipt of your request, whichever is later. The closing date and the closing bill will be prorated for the prior month's service. Please mail your request to the Utility Billing Department at least 72 hours in advance of your stop date.

Move Service

If you are moving within Wilsonville and need to transfer service to your new address, please submit a Stop Service Form for your old address and a Start Service Form (choose the correct form listed above) for the new address. Please mail the form to the Utility Billing Department.

Temporary Stop Service/Restoration After Temporary Stop 

If you are leaving your property on a temporary basis, the city can turn the water services off for the duration. It will not stop monthly fees from incurring but it will prevent water leaks while you are away. There is a $35.00 fee for this service. Please complete a Temporary Stop Service Form and submit it to the Utility Billing Department 72 hours before the effective date.  When you return please complete the Restoration After Temporary Stop Form and submit it to the Utility Billing Department.

After hours non-emergency service call

A fee of $185 will be charged for non-emergency calls after 3:30 p.m. regular business days, weekends and holidays.