Billing and Assistance Information

Billing Dates

Utility bills are mailed by the 9th of the month.  Due date is the last day of the month.

Reading Your Bill

View instructions for reading and understanding your utility bill.

Paperless Billing

Sign up for paperless billing to receive your utility bill via e-mail.  To cancel paperless billing please submit this form.

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a free payment plan that will divide your payments evenly throughout the year. Instead of having seasonal highs and lows, you pay the same amount every month. Some companies call this equal pay or leveled pay. For more information or to signup, download the Budget Billing Form.

Payment Extensions

Payments are due on the last day of the month. The city will give one additional week before beginning the delinquent process. If you have received a delinquent notice and still need an additional payment extension, please contact our office to make payment arrangements.

Payment Assistance

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may qualify for this program. Contact the Utility Billing Specialist at 503-570-1531 for details.

Applications for Service

Click here to find the forms you need for your utility service.


The City of Wilsonville does not offer a low flow appliance rebate program. Appliance rebates were often a way to encourage conservation before conservation was a way of doing things and people needed incentives to conserve water. This is not true anymore.  Newer appliances are more efficient and conservation is now a way of life, as evidenced by the per capita decrease in water usage over the years. Building code regulations have changed to improve conservation requirements as well. Funding a rebate program would add fees for all consumers to cover the cost of the program.  The true value in replacing the appliance is from the savings from the lower consumption of water.