Public Works Right-of-Way Permit

Public Works Right-of-Way Permits are required for any work being done in the public right-of-way within the city. Utilities with franchises in Wilsonville are required to apply for a Utility Permit, in lieu of a right-of-way permit.  For more information, please contact the Engineering Department.

When applying for a permit from the city, applicants are encouraged to stay in contact with the staff member reviewing your application. Two-way communication is always helpful to keep the review process running smoothly for both the applicant and the city.

After a permit has been issued and construction is under way, the contractor and developer is encouraged to set aside at least one or two meeting dates with city inspection staff to discuss the project occupancy schedule, expectations, and special conditions associated with the project.

It is in everyone's best interest to make sure that the lines of communication between the city and the contractor / developer stay open until the project is completed.

Contractors / developers are encouraged to contact members of the Engineering Department staff at any point when they have questions or concerns about their projects.