System Development Charges - Fees

System Development Charges (SDCs) are impact fees that are generally collected when expansion, new development, or an intensification of use occurs on property served by city infrastructures. The fees are used to fund the non-assess able portion of infrastructure construction cost (wastewater, stormwater, transportation, and park facilities) needed to support growth in the community and to recoup a portion of the community's investment in the infrastructure already in place. 

Single Family Current Average SDC Cost: $24,984.00 (refer to fee schedule)

When Fees Are Due

Project Milestones Plan Review Permit Fees SDCs School CET Metro Excise Tax
Project Submittal X         
Permit Issuance   X X X X
Final Certificate of Occupancy All fees must be paid before a final certificate of occupancy will be issued.

Additional Information

If the project is modified during review or construction, additional fees will apply and are due when the revised plans are approved and issued. For more information about SDCs, how they affect your development, to estimate fees using SDC worksheet, for more information, please contact For more information or a list of the  SDC fee schedule, please call Becky White, Permit Technician at 503-570-1553.